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Media Info and Inquiries

Essential details that have been inaccurately reported in the past

(1) The name "União do Vegetal" in the regional Brazilian dialect spoken in the Amazon forest, where this religion was first established, means "The Union of The Plants". The name refers to the union of the two plants that together create the sacrament of UDV, and allow for the possibility of spiritual union with the Light and Divine Consciousness, which is God.

(2) The pejorative use of the term "hallucinogen" to describe the UDV's religious sacrament is inaccurate, and a deliberate attempt by the government defendants to discredit the UDV's religious practice. Uncontroverted evidence presented to the district court demonstrated that the hallucinations characteristic of LSD and recreational drug use do not occur within the religious context at issue in this case. The effect of drinking the tea for the UDV members is an enhanced state of spiritual awareness through which the adherents receive communion with the Divine and greater insight into the UDV's religious doctrine.

(3) The seizure of the UDV's sacrament in May of 1999 occurred at the UDV's offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico, not at any UDV member's home.

Media Inquiries

The purpose of this website is to present clearly and thoroughly all the facts of this case. We hope the media will accurately report on the issues at hand.

The UDV does not seek publicity. If, after reading all the material on this site, you still have any unanswered questions about this case, journalists are welcome to e-mail your questions to: udvlegal@aol.com